LEADERSHIP and committees


Women’s Network Leadership Team is a dedicated group of volunteer leaders who oversee the direction and health of the network. Leadership Team sets policies for the organization, establishes goals and identifies priorities. Members of this group are also tasked with serving as co-chairs of the various working committees of the network. The following are the elected Leadership Team members for the July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024 year:

2023-2024 Chair
Megan Steen, Burrell Behavioral Health

2023-2024 Chair Elect
Justina Dial, Central Bank of Boone County 

2023-2024 Past Chair
Liz Townsend Bird, The Food Bank for Central and NE Missouri

2023-2024 Treasurer
Ashli Eaves, Convergence Financial 

2023-2024 Secretary
Corey Buckman, Gracefully Made Boutique

Advisory Members 
Angie Gentry, Central Bank of Boone County 
Katie Fleming Cunningham, EquipmentShare 

Marketing & Communications Co-Chairs
Heather Brown, Truman VA Hospital
Jaclyn Rogers, Ai Painting Plus 

Programming Co-Chairs
Stephanie Smith, Columbia Mall
Michele Curry, Commerce Bank

Membership Co-Chairs
Katelyn Shively, Central Bank of Boone County
Lexi Stiles, Assured Partners

Special Events Co-Chairs
Charles Bruce, COMO Magazine
Brandi Huebner, Coopers Ridge Event Venue

Mentoring Program Co-Chairs
Jayme Dement Prenger, Missouri Women’s Business Center
Lisa Driskel Hawxby, REDI/DogMaster Distillery



Committees are the workhorses of Women’s Network. Each committee meets once a month; meetings are open to all Women’s Network members to attend and are a great way to share your expertise in a specific area, gain experience in a new discipline, make new contacts with businesses across Columbia, and network with new and established members of Women’s Network. Each committee is led by two co-chairs, who are tasked with fulfilling the duties of their committee.

The Marketing & Communications Committee promotes Women’s Network and the Columbia Chamber of Commerce activities and events through media and professional contacts. The committee develops press releases, brochures, a monthly newsletter and responds to requests from various Women’s Network committees to publicize activities and arrange media opportunities.

Justina Dial, Central Bank of Boone County
Heather Brown, Truman VA Hospital

This committee meets on the second Monday of every month at noon at the Chamber.

The Membership Committee strengthens existing relationships with current members and engage incoming new members. Committee activities include hosting New Member Welcome events, greeting guests at monthly luncheons, reaching out to new members and coordinating the Experience Women’s Network (XWN) program, which incentivizes members for participating in various WN activities.

Katelyn Shively, Central Bank of Boone County
Nikki Muenz, Central Investment Advisors

This committee meets the second Thursday of each month at noon at the Chamber, except for New Member Welcomes, which occur on the second Thursday at various times. Please see the events calendar for more details.

The Mentoring Program Committee coordinates the pairing of individuals as mentors/mentees within the organization. This program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to build relationships and grow personally and professionally.

Luana Fields, Hawthorn Bank

Jayme Dement Prenger, Missouri Women’s Business Center

The program planning committee meets as needed. Mentor/Mentee pairs are asked to meet once a month.


The Programming Committee develops informative and dynamic monthly luncheon programs that meet the mission of Women’s Network, with an emphasis on business and leadership development, and provide valuable networking opportunities for our members and guests.

Angie Gentry,
Central Bank of Boone County

Stephanie Smith, Columbia Mall

This committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at noon at the Chamber.

The Special Events Committee is in charge of planning several large events throughout the year, including the Women’s Network fall and spring mixers, the ATHENA International Awards Banquet, Roses for Mentors and the Women’s Network Holiday Party.

Katie Fleming Cunningham, EquipmentShare

Charles Bruce, COMO Magazine

This committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month at noon at the Chamber.

The Budget & Finance Committee oversees financial matters and develops an understanding of the use of finances and how Women’s Network may meet both long- and short-term goals.

Chaired by the Women’s Network Treasurer:
Katie Swanson, Change Collaborative

This committee meets as needed, typically two to three times per year.


Women’s Network Presidents and Chairs have helped to further and grow the mission of Women’s Network to what it is today. Women’s Network is fortunate to have a legacy of strong female leaders to whom, along with our volunteers and members, we attribute our success.

1980-1981 Toni Somers
1981-1982 Mellany Jones
1982-1983 Jan Grossmann
1983-1984 Vicki Dunscombe
1984-1985 Sue Ann Schaefer
1985-1986 Janice Schuerman
1986-1987 Mariel Liggett
1987-1988 Chris Marks
1988-1989 Deb Snellen
1989-1990 Barb Scotten
1990-1991 Betty Schuster
1991-1992 Linda G. Arnold
1992-1993 Ellen S. Roper
1993-1994 Sabrina McDonnell
1994-1995 Dr. Muriel Battle
1995-1996 Karen Taylor
1996-1997 Susan Yesilada
1997-1998 Pat Hostetler
1998-1999 Mary C. Becker
1999-2000 Debbie Rawlings

2000-2001 Sharon Kinden
2001-2002 Kim Stonecipher-Fisher
2002-2003 Sue Rodgers
2003-2004 Robin Nichols
2004-2005 Barbie Weaver
2005-2006 Michelle Hill-Ishmael
2006-2007 Leigh Kottwitz
2007-2008 Anne Farrow
2008-2009 Sherry Waddill
2009-2010 Ranae Nicholes
2010-2011 Kelley Marchbanks
2011-2012 Jennifer Thoma
2012-2013 Kate Boatright
2013-2014 Heather Hargrove
2014-2015 Heather Stewart
2015-2016 Jessica Macy
2016-2017 Erica Pefferman
2017-2018 Michele Batye
2018-2019 Tennille Lester
2019-2020 Krista Kippenberger

2020-2021 Michele Curry
2021-2022 Teresa Snow

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