Book Review by Luana Fields

Adam Grant is a great story teller. This book is all about one of my favorite subjects, which is intellectual humility. In Think Again, Adam Grant challenges us to become alright with not knowing, being wrong, and rethinking our own conventional wisdom.

What I took to be the most valuable to me in this book is that Grant spends a couple sections explaining why it’s so difficult to get through to other people. Today a lack-of-evidence-opinion-based mindset has become popular, and in this book, Grant helps to explain how to have conversations with these types of individuals. When in such situations, perhaps a good strategy would be to start with a simple question, one Grant mentions in the book: “What evidence would change your mind?” If the answer is “nothing,” then it’s probably best to walk away.

But of course, as we gain better evidence and more experience, it’s our responsibility to continually rethink and update our beliefs. As Russell said, “If you’re certain of anything, you’re certainly wrong, because nothing deserves absolute certainty.”

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