Chair’s Corner: A New Way to Connect

By Teresa Snow, MU Health Care, Women’s Network Chair

Network: a verb meaning to interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

Our Women’s Network lives up to this definition. Three hundred members strong, Women’s Network offers a chance to meet and learn from a variety of professionals who bring perspectives from all levels of business and diverse backgrounds. How strong is your connection to the network? Are you “exchanging information and developing professional and social contacts” attending one luncheon a month?

I hope the answer is “yes, and I want more!” We are pleased to announce a new Facebook group for members only where you can freely connect any time of day. Thanks to our Membership committee led by Beth Orns and Rebecca Young for getting the idea off the ground.

Members will find value in the group for many different reasons. Here is our stated purpose:

To increase connection between members and build a greater sense of community. To provide a place for sharing community events, resources, and gatherings. We will also use this group as a way to celebrate each other’s victories and provide support when a member faces adversity.

We hope that you request to join our private group! Just search for WN Membership Connection on Facebook.

In additional to networking, Women’s Network can be a source of inspiration and empowerment. This Thursday, March 17th don’t miss our monthly professional development luncheon to learn from one of the most visible female leaders in our community, MU Assistant Track Coach Natasha Kaiser-Brown. She is an Olympic Silver Medalist and holds a World Championship record in the 4×400 as well as the MU 400m record both indoor and outdoor. She was named an SEC Legend in 2020 and has been inducted into both the National High School Hall of Fame and the MO Sports Hall of Fame. Join me as I listen for at least one take-away to improve my personal or professional life.


Teresa Snow

Women’s Network Chair


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