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Get to know Corey Buckman with Gracefully Made Boutique, LLC for this week’s Women in Business spotlight.

Q: How long has Gracefully Made Boutique been in business?

A:  Gracefully Made celebrates its 1-year anniversary this October!

Q: What made you decide to open Gracefully Made Boutique?

A: Gracefully Made originally began as a blog when I first began navigating my role as a bonus mom. As our family dynamic continued to change, so did my blog. When our daughter was born in 2019, I asked over and over for a sewing machine so I can make her adorable little dresses. My husband bought me one for Mother’s Day and I made my first dress that night.  It started as a hobby and something fun to do on the side, but it quickly grew into a business. Before long, Gracefully Made the blog, became Gracefully Made Boutique.  

Q: What kind of amenities and services does Gracefully Made Boutique offer?

A: We specialize in custom handmade children’s clothing and accessories. In addition, we partner with other women owned and USA owned and operated businesses to provide additional retail options like graphic tees, stockings/tights, socks, and unique gifts. 

Q: What makes Gracefully Made Boutique stand out from other businesses like it?

A: We stand out from other clothing businesses due to our personal touch. We like to create personal relationships with our clients, especially during our custom garment making process. We love seeing our products in all your special occasion pictures – from the first day of school to family photos and everything in between!

Q: How do you connect with the community?

A: As the owner of Gracefully Made, I love staying involved in our community through the Women’s Network. I actively participate in the Women’s Network committees and am on the leadership team. This has allowed me to create meaningful relationships that have benefited both my personal and my professional life. 

Q: What else would you like our Women’s Network members to know about your business?

A: While our website continues to be revamped into an online shop, we continue to operate out of our private Facebook group. You can purchase items directly through our private group. Any handmade item you see can be customized however you’d like, just send me a PM and we can answer any questions you may have about the process. 

To find out more about Gracefully Made, visit them on Facebook or the Web:

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