Chair’s Corner: Goal Setting

By Teresa Snow, MU Health Care, Women’s Network Chair

Don’t do it if you can’t measure it, that was the advice I received during a study course for a certification I earned in my field of public relations. The phrase has stuck with me because it applies to many parts of life. In our busy day to day routine, it’s so easy to accomplish good work but not meet a higher goal. Choosing a measure of success, even for small projects, can help you decide what work is important and what is not. Setting specific measures for your work can also help you speak the language of your boss. I have found most leaders don’t care how much work you do, but how much work you do that contributes to the company’s metrics of success.

I know setting a goal has made a big difference in my ability to keep up with an exercise routine. Where I attend fitness classes the goal is to reach 150 classes in a calendar year. I made it in 2019 but likely won’t hit that many this year. Should I be disappointed? No because the drive to count my classes has likely taken me further than if I didn’t bother to measure and likely keeps me more consistent. Even if you don’t count fitness classes you may count your steps daily, or set measurable goals for what you spend or don’t spend in your budget.

Your Women’s Network Leadership Team is working this year to better define our goals in membership, luncheon attendance, and our ability to meet your needs as members. It’s difficult to measure success in all areas, but necessary to improve our network and stay strong in the future. I truly hope that counting at least to one makes a difference. At our next luncheon I hope you take this year’s hashtag to heart and find one thing you take away that makes a positive difference in your personal or professional life. I hope to see you Thursday!


Teresa Snow


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