Chair’s Corner: Put Your Spurs On

By Teresa Snow, MU Health Care, Women’s Network Chair

Picture this: I’m sitting on my horse trying to get her to go and flapping my legs at her sides. My heels don’t have enough strength to make much of an impression, especially when the horse refuses to go over a new obstacle or cross an unknown creek.

Have you ever felt like this in business or with your family? No matter how hard you try, you aren’t getting attention to your ideas? Your team is not following your lead and it erodes your confidence. I often look back at the last 20 years raising kids and navigating my career and wonder if I should have been stronger and more forceful in my decision making or requests. Just like with my horse, if I had just kicked harder it would have made a difference.

With my horse, I found the answer. I wear spurs. You might think they are razor sharp instruments used to be cruel and dig into the sides of the horse. But mine are actually just wheels with dull points. It really doesn’t take much more than a touch on the side of the animal’s belly to get their attention and to get them moving in the right direction.

Now, I never ride without them. I have gained confidence as my horse follows my command when reinforced by a touch of the spurs.

If you see a pair of spurs on my desk, I may be dreaming of my next ride, but it’s also a subtle reminder to put on my spurs when I lack confidence or need to reinforce my ideas a little more firmly. It’s not my nature to yell, fight or use physical strength to get action…but it might just take a touch of the spurs.


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