Chair’s Corner: Four Benefits to Greater Engagement

By Teresa Snow, MU Health Care, Women’s Network Chair

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. If your only engagement with the Women’s Network is two to three minutes reading this blog, I want to take this opportunity to explain why giving one to two hours a month will benefit you in your personal and professional life.

I’m talking about attending a monthly professional development luncheon and taking your network involvement one step further and attending a committee meeting in person or over Zoom.

The first benefit is encouragement! I am on Zoom meetings much of my day and any meeting with Women’s Network is the highlight of my day. Our members are engaged and knowledgeable!

When I attend a meeting and share my need, I learn I am not alone and often leave with a solution that goes beyond helping with a network activity but is something I can apply immediately.  

Another benefit is networking. I know more than just the smiling faces of my fellow Women’s Network members through involvement in a smaller committee. I know people’s names, their business and their role and I learn their expertise. That’s how you build trust and gain credibility. You need to go no further than Women’s Network to find a trusted banker, realtor, insurance agent and women in many more areas who can help you fill a need.

Solutions to problems and deeper relationships are the last two benefits I have found. You can start finding these benefits from the Women’s Network at our next professional development luncheon which is devoted to networking activities. It’s Thursday, August 19th at Stoney Creek Hotel. And don’t forget our theme for the year, One Thing. If you come with enthusiasm, looking for it… you will leave with at least One Thing to benefit you in your personal or professional life.


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