Member Profile: Beth Kaiser

Title: Director of Marketing & Business Development

Employer: Atkins Building Services, Inc.

Hometown: Born in Kirksville, MO, but moved to Columbia at age 2 so I consider CoMo my hometown.

First job: Telephone operator at Pizza Hut on Grindstone (Nifong back then)

College/degree(s): Bachelors of Science – Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College

A surprising fact about yourself: I dabbled in competitive pistol shooting for a couple years. I had a blast and met people from all over the world that I’m still friends with.

Things that occupy your free time: I’m trying to be more intentional about self-care right now, whether that be time by myself in the mornings, a massage every now and then, or reading outside on a weekend afternoon.

Husband/children/furry children: Deep breath… I have one biological daughter (19). I got married in June so I have a husband, six inherited children (ages 5-23) and three furry children.

Currently reading: The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon and another book by Gary John Bishop that I can’t list due to the title. Ask me about it if you’re interested.

Place you want to visit: As I type this out, Colorado is the first place that comes to mind. I need some brisk mountain air right now, I think.

Favorite part about Women’s Network: Connecting with women and learning their stories.

Goal(s) for 2020: This is more of a 2020-21 goal – get more involved in the community. Recently, I “adopted” a homeless woman named Jasmine who lives in the park by my office. She came into our shop seeking help and she touched my heart. Columbia has a huge homeless population and it’s only going to get worse. I told her I will do what I can. All I know is I want to do more. I would love to share more about her and the others in the community with you some time.

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