Chair’s Corner: Meet your new Chair, Michele Curry and learn what it means to be BOLD

Hello, my name is Michele Curry from Commerce Bank, and I’m the incoming Chair of the Women’s Network in Columbia for the 2020-2021 year. Each chair gets to choose a theme for the year which helps guide our programming so that we continue to bring you topics that are relevant to your lives and situations.

This year’s theme is: BOLD.

What BOLD means to me is the power, within yourself, to do things you didn’t think were possible.

2 years ago, I’ll admit I was too afraid to run for Chair of the Women’s Network. I was waiting until I could sit down with past Chairs, understand the exact details of what it took to be in that position, and evaluating whether I had the grit to do what these amazing women before me did.

But this wasn’t research. It was FEAR.

Fear of failure. Fear of the unexpected. Fear of messing up. Fear I wasn’t good enough.

These are LIES we tell OURSELVES. EVERY DAY.

The moment I threw my hat in the ring to be Chair…it didn’t matter if I was elected or not. … (ok it kind of did…) But at that moment I felt stronger just for trying. —  Putting myself out there proved that I believed in MYSELF.

Isn’t it sad, the lives we lead where the only person who doesn’t believe we can be successful is ourselves? Isn’t it sad the lives others lead where they are surrounded by people who don’t believe they will achieve great things?

THIS is what BOLD is about. It’s about being scared, for a multitude of reasons, but not letting these reasons turn into excuses of why you haven’t achieved your goals. BE BOLD. Do what’s scary. Because you know what’s the worst that can happen?

😊 You’ll find out what you’re capable of. 😊

I’m passionate about you and the Women’s Network, and we are going to BOLDLY face the changes ahead of us. Because I’m not afraid anymore.


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