Member Profile: Stacey Tonyan

Meet Stacey Tonyan, a real estate professional with House of Brokers, Tiger Home Team.

Stacey is reaching her first anniversary as a realtor, but her experience with the Columbia community runs deep. She spent more than 30 years in administrative roles, most recently working with the athletic training program at the University of Missouri. It was during this time that she tossed out the notion that being an administrative assistant did not qualify her to be a member of the Women’s Network.

“I thought being a business support specialist or administrative assistant wasn’t important enough to be in the network. When my title changed to coordinator, I decided to join,” explains Tonyan. She has never looked back and wished she had joined Women’s Network sooner!

After seeing her kids graduate from college, Stacey made a major life transition deciding to become a realtor. She took an online course and surprised her friends when she joined the House of Brokers fulltime in March 2019.

“I had to go all in or nothing! ” says Tonyan.  She sells residential properties to people of all ages, many of whom are just moving to Columbia. With grown children, a husband, real estate business, church activities and more, she finds setting boundaries as the biggest challenge of a field where you often are on call 24/7.

In addition to accomplishing a major career change, Tonyan looks back on other accomplishments that illustrate how she likes to find solutions to problems.

In 2011, she helped to form the Mid Missouri Lacrosse League to fill a need for her children and others. Today she leads a support group for families with loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease like Stacey’s mother. The group is informal and open to all. They meet at the House of Brokers office, 1515 Chapel Hill Road, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Stacey has many quotes she lives by. Currently, she is focusing on one from Rachel Hollis’ book, “Girl, Wash Your Face.”

“You were not made to be small. You are not a little girl.
You are a grown woman and it’s time you grew up.
Become exactly who GOD calls you to be.” 

To learn more about Stacey, find her at a Women’s Network luncheon and strike up a conversation. She loves to network with others. You can also read more in her bio on the House of Broker’s website.

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