Chair’s Corner: Making Moments Magic

When I heard that the theme of our last luncheon of the year would be “A Year of Magic Moments,” it immediately resonated with me. I quickly recalled so many moments that were magical to my family and me. I have been blessed to give birth to my beautiful baby girl, Halo, and one of my best friends beat breast cancer and is now expecting. I’ve had the opportunity to serve as Chair of this wonderful organization and lastly, to our surprise, we were the grand prize winners of a nationwide sweepstakes and won a car. Yes, a car! It’s easy to recall these grand and profound moments, but when I stop to think about what makes a moment magical it is how that moment actually impacts the individual. The definition of a magical moment is a special event that you experience in your life. This could be simple or heroic, but what ultimately matters is that special feeling you experience.

I genuinely believe that people want to make a difference and impact people’s lives in a positive way, but it’s not always easy. People do not walk around with a sign that tells you what kind of day they are having or what need is not currently being met, it’s up to us to make each moment count. What I am talking about is simple. With an organization of our size the ripple effect we can create can make a lasting impact on not only this organization, but the entire community. You never know what effect opening a door for someone, smiling at the mommy in Target with the screaming toddler, taking the time to talk to the co-worker by the coffee pot or writing a simple thank you note to someone will mean to an individual. The shear gesture of these acts can be profound and magical to the other person in those moments and they happened because of you.

I am so proud to be a member of the Women’s Network family. So many of you have touched my heart, helped me grow as a leader and offered support throughout my journey. It’s the little gestures and kind words that I remember from this past year.  I have each of you to thank for that, and our organization is stronger than ever because of each one of you. If we can all do our part, I have no doubt that the impact we have on the people in our lives, in this organization and in our community will be limitless. With each magical moment we create, we take part in making Columbia feel a little more like Disney World each day.

Tennille Lester, Chair     

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