Women’s Network Leadership Positions Open

Women’s Network invites members to apply for a leadership position! As usual, we have many terms coming to an end; we will be filling five Steering Committee positions and seven co-chair positions. Co-Chair’s and Steering Committee members: benefit from gaining leadership experience while serving next to nearly thirty influential leaders in Columbia (as well as leading their committees), help in setting goals for each committee at the beginning of the program years, and identify opportunities for expansion and improvement of Women’s Network!

Leadership Position TermsSteering | 3 years | Begins July 1, 2019Co-Chair | 2 years | Begins July 1, 2019

Explanation of RolesCo-ChairsCo-Chairs are the leaders of the committees. They help to encourage committee involvement by working to delegate tasks to the committee in an effort to achieve committee goals. Outside of committee meetings, a few of a co-chairs tasks might be:

  • Communication with sponsors when it pertains to committee projects or events
  • sending emails, checking in on projects, touching base with Women’s Network Director and Steering Liaisons when needed
  • Attending sponsor meetings (to name a few) when they pertain to events or programs

Steering Committee MembersSteering Committee sets policy and ensures WN efforts align with over all mission and goals. Steering committee members are assigned as a liaison to one committee and will act as a guiding post in support of the co-chairs. They will also report back to the Steering Committee any issues or opportunities to maintain cohesiveness within the committees. Outside of committee meetings, a few Steering Committee tasks might be:

  • Check in with Co-Chairs or assist in decision making/problem solving situations
  • Attend Committee Leadership meetings when decisions or tasks need to be made quicker than committee meetings allow
  • Emailing or corresponding with Director of Women’s Network when needed

Monthly commitment:

  • 1 monthly meeting of the committee you’re assigned to
  • 1 monthly meeting for your respective leadership positions (Co-Chair Committee, or Steering Committee)


  • Attend, when possible, WN events and/or programming for your respective committee

Interested in applying for a position but aren’t sure if its a fit?Browse our leadership, and send them an email! Or feel free to contact Director of Women’s Network,Brandi Spurling , with any questions.

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