Chair’s Corner: Holiday favorites from your Women’s Network leadership

Every year as the leaves from the trees fall to the ground, we find ourselves surrounded by the joy and festivities that the holidays bring. It’s almost impossible to avoid hearing Christmas music or watching heart-warming classics like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “Elf” on TV at least once. What makes this time of year so undeniably special? Is it the food or spiked eggnog? Is it presents? Is it family traditions? Women’s Network leadership wanted to share with you some of our favorites!

Some of our most cherished Holiday Traditions are:

  • Sharing what we’re thankful for and gift giving – Wendy Moore
  • Baking cookies with my daughters – Lindsey Boudinot
  • Watching Christmas movies with my family – Patty Anderson
  • Driving around to look at all the holiday lights – Sara Humm
  • I have a Christmas countdown that I received when I was born. I still hang it every year and untie a bow until Christmas – Tania Cook

What is on your Christmas wish list?

  • A nice set of chopsticks – Sara Riegel
  • An iRobot Roomba… I am going to name her Alice! – Katie Cunningham

Favorite Christmas Movie(s):

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas & Miracle on 34th Street – Liz Townsend Bird
  • It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story & Christmas Vacation – Corey Buckman
  • Family Stone & Little Women – Michele Batye
  • Home Alone & binge watching Hallmark movies – Tennille Lester

Favorite Holiday Food or Drink:

  • Homemade Wassail (ask for my recipe)! – Michele Curry
  • Peanut Butter Fudge & Christmas Cookies are musts. – Tania Cook
  • Wine – Patty Anderson & Tennille Lester
  • My Aunt Pam’s puppy chow! – Sara Humm
  • Coffee w/ Bailey’s – Lindsey Boudinot
  • Eggnog & Hot Chocolate, ALL the Holiday Candy – Wendy Moore

What do you leave for Santa?

  • May try to leave him a Nutty Butter this year! The cookies in the past didn’t seem to leave our house. – Katie Cunningham
  • Usually debt… this year, I will leave cookies and milkJ – Sara Riegel
  • We leave carrots for the reindeer and homemade sugar cookies with sprinkles for Santa – Tennille Lester

And some of our favorite local place’s to holiday shop are The Candy Factory, Poppy, Calhoun’s, Peace Nook, Skylark Bookshop, Kent’s & Speckled Frog Toys and Books.

Wishing you and your family many blessings this Holiday Season!!! – Tennille Lester, Chair

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