Chair’s Corner: Nancy Allison

Dear Women’s Network Members or as I like to refer to you…Friends. I have announcement to make this month. I am stepping down as your Chair for Women’s Network. I will be turning things over to Tennille Lester’s very capable hands per our bylaws and I know that she will do a fabulous job. With that said, she too will need your support because of her planned absence for the arrival of her little bundle of joy in January.

My reason is simple…I am having some health issues. My body is screaming at me right now and I need to stop and listen and understand how to live with this “new normal”. I have been diagnosed with a possible vestibular migraine issue. I don’t have migraine headaches like many, but I have the dizziness and vertigo issues that can accompany this illness. It has been chronic now for several weeks and is why I was not at the September Luncheon. I became very dizzy about 45 minutes before I was to leave and had to drop everything on Tennille.

To say the least this has ROCKED my world. I am very independent and accustomed to going and doing anything I need and want to do. I have had to back off of many of the things I love. Women’s Network being one of them. The success of my business can be largely attributed to the Chamber and Women’s Network. I have built so many relationships through Women’s Network with individuals I consider family and not just friends.

So this is a sad day for me, but it is the right thing to do for Women’s Network and for me right now. I hope to continue to be able to come to the luncheons and events. With all of this said, please stop and take time to take care of yourselves. You never know when you will get your “WACK” on the side of the head where you will need to take stock of what is most important.

You have an awesome team of Steering and Committee members. I know all of you will continue to take WN to new heights. I will be your biggest cheerleader…on the sidelines and rooting for continued success.

Nancy Allison
Shelter Insurance Agent

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