Chair’s Corner

Dear Women’s Network Members,

It is that time of year when we experience a change in leadership in our organization.  In contemplating this change, I am mindful that change can be difficult.  Many resist change, but others embrace it.  Why is that?  I suppose it is because some changes are exciting, like this one.  While other changes create stress.  I am excited about this new opportunity to work with all of you and to meet and make new friends. 

However, as I spent the first week of July moving my husband’s parents from their farm of 40 years and their home of over 80 years in Kansas to Texas, I can see how change can be both exciting and difficult.  This move was exciting for me and an answer to a great deal of concern that I and other family members had about the safety and security of our parents.  It was a huge change, however, for the parents.  They fought it hard.  Keep in mind, you don’t know the entire story, but they lived in a community with no services.  They are 45 minutes to a small hospital and an hour and a half from the medical specialist they see.  The closest family was an hour and a half away.  They now live six doors down from the daughter who is a retired nurse.  So now you can see why we thought this was best option, as the health of both parents was going downhill fast.  Some of you might be thinking, as the parents were, that we were wrong to want to take them from their lifelong home surrounded by all their friends.  So we have two very different perspectives about a change.

When facing change of any kind, we must be mindful that not everyone has the same attitude about the change.  Therefore communication is very important.  I will make every effort to communicate and to listen to your ideas and concerns.  Women’s Network is a strong arm of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce and it is because of all of us. 

Remember when facing change that the attitude you bring is up to you.  And the more important the change is to you the tighter you hold on to your position.  If you have not read the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spenser Johnson, MD, I suggest you check it out.  It is a very quick read. 

Has someone recently moved your cheese?  Have you lost something or did you really gain something?  The answer lies somewhere within you. 

Cheers for a great summer,

Nancy Allison, Chair

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