Chair’s Corner: No mistakes, only opportunities

Dear Women’s Network Members:

Have you ever decided to take a chance and things did not go as smoothly as you imagined?  Change comes at a different pace and comfort level for everyone.  My own personal philosophy when things go wrong is to survey the real damage and then try to move forward with teachable moments.   Tina Fey says it best, “There are no mistakes, only opportunities.”

January for me held lots of opportunities!  Yet all of those opportunities circled back around to lessons of trust, communication and clarity.   If you were not at our January luncheon you may have seen an apology email and be wondering “what was going on at the January lunch?”   As to not dwell on the negatives my lesson would be the need to always know your audience whether you are stepping on stage in front of a crowd or headed to an interview identifying the core values and beliefs of the group is key.

Just one of the many reasons I am incredibly proud of us as an organization is the number of you that took a moment to let me or another member know that this was not a reflection on the Programs Committee it was simply a speaker who underperformed.  The volunteers work diligently with the best of intentions to bring you and our guests relevant programming.  Life/Work Balance is a topic that comes up often in our survey results of something our membership seek.

So while I wish our January Luncheon presenter would have spoken with more clarity on positive body image and dressing to promote our own self-confidence and individuality, I hope it will at least create an awareness around the topic and open up a dialogue about the struggle both women and men have in accepting their own body types and how that can hold them back from their true potential.

Join us for our February Luncheon where we will welcome yoga and life-coach Rebekka Mars.  Her presentation is designed to help business professionals, of all backgrounds and specialties, recognize and remedy the effects of disconnection that comes with our modern culture.  She will share reconnecting ‘lifehacks’ for skillful engagement within our personal and professional lives.

Also, watch the website, newsletter and Facebook Page for more opportunities to get involved through leadership roles and scholarships.

Have a love filled February!

Michele Batye

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