Chair’s Corner: Choose Your Words

Greetings Women’s Network Members.  As I sit down to write this month’s letter I’m wondering, what are your plans for 2018?  Do you have specific resolutions or goals in mind? Hopefully by the time this letter is published I will have the Christmas decorations neatly tucked away, the New Year rang in and a few extra hours carved out to list, prioritize and a plan for implementing  my business and personal goals for 2018.

Last year as I was visiting with a friend she told me she quit resolutions; instead she said she picked a word that encompasses the change she wanted to make for the coming year.  This was such an intriguing idea but with so many words out there I struggled to find just one.  As I drove through the fog on January 2nd last year, (talk about a metaphor), I heard the word kinetic on the radio and proclaimed it to be my 2017 word.  Kinetic meaning to move or be in motion was where I wanted to be for the next 364 days.   I still made my list of goals but this one word nicely fit with everything on the list.

I’m fully aware that to succeed in resolutions I just can’t write it down and tuck it away.  These are active lists that must stay in my line of vision.  But with resolutions sometimes I can be critical when looking back and grading my accomplishments:  An A+ for accomplishing a big one; a couple of incompletes for others that are still in the works; and yes a dreaded F where I just utterly failed.  But through it all I stayed the course with my word.   My word didn’t disappoint me when I failed to accomplish it because it was the big picture and sometimes failure is just part of landscape.   Now it’s time to trade it in for a new word for 2018.  I still have not stumbled upon it yet but I know it’s out there waiting for me, one powerful but simplistic combination of letters to lead me towards my dreams.

I would love to know some of your tips for goal setting and accountability or, if you choose, your word for 2018.  Need some inspiration?  The Monthly Programs and Leadership Development Roundtable Committees have some wonderful programming ahead to help us with organization, mindfulness and beyond so be sure to join us at all the 2018 events, where together our words are always Connect, Empower and Engage.

Onward and Upward into the New Year!

Michele Batye

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