Chair’s Corner: The Present

Happy Holidays,

What a joyous and magical season that can quickly become overwhelming as we try to fit even more into our already packed schedules. I have been completely guilty of expending so much time and energy on holiday preparations that by the time the day rolls around I am suffering from mindless fatigue and not fully present. In hindsight, my family’s best memories are when we were all actively and happily together and there is little recognition of all those minute details that can lead to heightened stress.

But, it’s all easier said than done. As professionals, our companies, organizations and yes, even our families, rely on us to set the tone for attitude, achievement and character. The added pressure of “fitting it all in” or creating the “perfect holiday” can trigger negativity which in turn is counterproductive to our goals.

Crowded stores, rushed schedules, over stimulated children can all lead us to want to seek refuge but what if we realized that in every moment we have a choice to participate in the chaos and be overwhelmed or focus on the positive and create our own calmness by seeking out the special moments we sometimes fail to see amidst all the craziness. Isn’t that the best gift we can give ourselves and others to be positive and present?

This letter is a reminder to me and anyone else that may find themselves a little too wrapped up in the season to let go of unrealistic expectations, use this season to forgive ourselves and to forgive others, take shortcuts in the details that don’t really matter, block out time and most of all be present in the all that we do.

As I reach my six month mark as the Chair of Women’s Network I’m still unbelievably humbled to lead this remarkable group. As I was beginning this role I was offered the advice to stay focused on the now, because it goes by so quickly and that was an understatement! Being surrounded by Women’s Network Members has been one of the highlights of my year and I cannot wait to see what next year brings. As we continue to celebrate together goals, achievements, milestones and just simple laughter and kindness.

Today, I want to wish each and every one of you and your families the Merriest Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. Be present and leave space. Sometimes the most magical things can happen like finding an organization you love full of beautiful friendships. #WNmakeitcount

All my best,

Michele Batye

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