Chair’s Corner: As the Seasons Change

Welcome to October, my favorite month.  As I sit down to write this month’s message and think about what lies ahead one GOLDEN milestone in my life is at the forefront, which is by the end of the month I will have reached my 5th decade.  Part of me questions where did the time go?  But I like to think I learn from the past, strive for the future and live in the present.  On such an occasion I hope that you don’t mind me using this platform to share what I’ve learned and where I go from here.

My first decade taught me creativity and independence. My early memories include adventures with both my childhood friends and my imaginary ones.  My favorite reward was a box of crayons and a blank sheet of paper.  Even as a child my determination was strong, one of my favorite recollections is at the age of six I ran away from home, traveling across town to secure my own library card from the book mobile.  The mission was accomplished and for years my library card’s signature was simply my first name in my kindergarten scroll.

Wonder, humility and loss were the themes of my second decade.  In our late teens and early twenties aren’t we all invincible in our own ideology?  The world suddenly gets so much bigger as we experiment, explore and search for our own individuality.  The loss of a very good friend and later in that decade my Father brought with it the humility that the world did not revolve around me and our time here is not endless.

As I entered my third decade I was newly married with three beautiful bonus children and in the beginning stages of my career.  This is when I learned patience, perseverance, compromise and commitment.  For the first time other people truly depended on me and I in turn needed to show my appreciation in their faith through hard work and responsibility.

As I’m ending my 4th decade I realize some of you may not be able to relate because you are not here yet, so I do want to preface I’m ranking it as the best yet.  Within this decade I have found courage, an exuberance of gratitude and MY voice. Once again I have experienced the loss of a parent but this time it comes with understanding and faith. I have far more blessings in my life then I could ever imagine and it gives me the strength to keep pushing myself to reach my goals, surround myself with people who inspire me and have voice for not only myself but for others that may not have found there’s yet.

Our dynamic September Luncheon speaker, Dr. Douglass Petty inspired me with his words of Servant Leadership but the phrase “content vs satisfied” touched me the deepest.  This is definitely where I enter my 5th decade. I’m extremely happy with where I am on this beautiful journey, yet there is no reason to be contained. So much more lies ahead and I will enter it with grace and wanderlust.   Continuing to learn, grow, set goals and give back.

I’m continually amazed at the passion and accomplishments that surround me in the members of Women’s Network.  Many of you have achieved so much in such a short time.  I champion your confidence as you repeatedly inspire me.  If you want to help me celebrate my Birthday this month take a few moments and praise yours.  Give yourself room to make mistakes but never live in them and as Dr. Petty said “gather to scatter” and “be the change.”  #WNmakeitcount

All my best,

Michele Batye

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