Liana Twente

Liana Twente has put her background in real estate to work as Administrative Assistant for the Columbia Mall Office. Liana previously worked as an office manager for a real estate sales team at Reece & Nichols and researched property histories through her business Past to Present Research, and enjoyed working with legal documents like contracts and deeds and finds the legal language interesting. Her office owns and operates the Columbia Mall and she helps with daily administrative work and customer service to ensure they maintain good relations with their retailers and contractors who work on site.

Liana is from Napoleon, Missouri, which I actually had to Google Map. Because we are all in such a hurry to get to Kansas City or St. Louis, we always use the interstate, and we miss cute towns like Napoleon, which resides along the Missouri River along Highway 24, just a few miles north of the I-70 route and only 30 miles east of Kansas City.

Liana has a love for history and graduated from NW Missouri State with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. She must really love digging around in old stuff because not only did she serve two separate internships working in the archives, but she’s had a lifelong dream to become an archeologist. And while not everyone finds history that interesting, Liana does have a love for craft beer, which many people enjoy in and around Columbia. Liana loves it so much that she and her co-worker Stephanie Smith co-founded the Columbia chapter of Girls Pint Out, which is a national organization designed to build a community of women who love craft beer.

Liana’s heart brought her to our area when she followed her long-distance boyfriend to Fulton in 2013. She got the job with Columbia Mall not too long after that and now they are now engaged. Liana finds inspiration from Audrey Elder, her best friend, mentor, and former business partner at Past to Present Research. She is inspired by Audrey’s grand, optimistic view of the future and her ability to create big goals to make things happen. Audrey has encouraged her to dream big and take risks while collaborating with others but never compromising her values.

Liana says that her resiliency is the key to her success. She realized she can’t carry the burdens of her past failures, but she must bounce back and push forward if she wanted to get anywhere in life. She owned her own historic home research business for a while, and Liana was pretty discouraged when it didn’t work out as planned. Her business partner helped her see the positives in the valuable connections made through their business and the credibility they earned in their involvement in the community.

Liana has been a WN member since 2014, and she became co-chair of the Changing the Odds committee in July 2016. Liana loves Columbia and serves as a Certified Tourism Ambassador for our town. She finds the opportunities it has provided her to engage in our community and promote all the best things Columbia has to offer for visitors and residents. She is also a voracious reader (as any history buff should be) and enjoys taking walks and doing yoga. So thank Liana for her service to WN, and if you have any historic research or questions about things to do in and around Columbia, I bet she can point you in the right direction.

Works for
Columbia Mall
(573) 514-8667
2300 Bernadette Dr
Columbia, Missouri 65203-4600
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January 13th, 2015