Kristen Dreher

Kristen Dreher has been with SERVPRO since 2004, starting as an office manager in another Missouri location, then relocated to Columbia and taking on the sales marketing representative position in the Columbia office. She discovered her affinity for the sales side of things when she was working at her former office and their marketing representative injured her foot. Kristen stepped in and covered the outside sales and marketing required for that position and learned she enjoyed the ability to be out of the office a bit more building relationships with the people she met.

Kristen is another transplant to Columbia by way of Jefferson City and New Bloomfield. She has been motivated to be the best she can be by her daughter. She had many obstacles to overcome at a young age and she wanted to prove to herself she could do whatever she wanted with hard work and dedication. She believes she has proven that in her personal and professional life.

Natalie Myers was a boss who showed Kristen how to be calm and collected in every situation and taught her to dress for the position you want to have, not necessarily the position you currently have. Those stuck with Kristen and she has passed that wisdom down to her daughter who is also now in the workforce. In her work at SERVPRO, Kristen learned that you always have to expect the unexpected. Even though you have your day planned, disaster can strike people at any moment and their phone call to you to assist in their restoration process changes your whole day.

Kristen worked for many years before starting her college journey in January of 2015. She began with evening classes at Columbia College at the Jefferson City campus, then transferred to Columbia that fall and she has been attending part time ever since. She is only 12 hours shy of beginning her junior year and is working on a double major in business with an emphasis in marketing and management and a minor in finance.

Many people don’t realize Kristen was a volunteer firefighter for five years for the Holts Summit Fire Protection District. And others may not know Kristen is a new grandma! Her grandson, Bentley, is two months old, and Kristen thinks being a grandma is one of the best things in the entire world.

Kristen is a pretty busy lady with a full-time job, a part-time job and evening college classes, but she has also made a goal to attend as many concerts as she can in 2017. To date, she has attended 23 and has 3 or 4 more on the calendar for later this year. Crossfit, hiking, golfing or riding around in her Jeep round out the fun in Kristen’s packed life.

Of course the busiest people also tend to volunteer, and Kristen is active with the American Red Cross of Central and Northern Missouri. She serves as the Chair for the Heroes Dinner Committee, guiding volunteers in planning their Signature Fundraising Event. This will be her fourth year serving on that committee.

Since Kristen is a recent addition to Women’s Network, joining in 2015, make a point to seek her out at the next event and welcome her.

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September 1st, 2017