[steer] (verb) : 1.) to guide the course of something in motion by a rudder, helm, wheel, etc. 2.) to follow or pursue a particular course. 3.) to direct the course of; guide.

Just as the name implies, the Steering Committee is the governing board of Women’s Network and steers the direction of the organization. This committee sets policies, establishes goals and identifies priorities. The Steering Committee also reviews and evaluates the results of committee action toward the accomplishment of Women’s Network’s goals and priorities.

Steering committee members serve a 3-year term and gain experience in leadership while learning about the different facets of the organization on a deeper level. Steering members gain knowledge from other business leaders and are the driving force behind our growing organization.

Help us welcome our 2016-2017 Steering Committee:

Chair: Erica Pefferman
Chair-Elect: Michele Batye
Past Chair: Jessica Macy
Treasurer: Tennille Dorsey
Treasurer Elect: Michele Curry
Secretary: Liz Townsend Bird
Strategic Planning: Ann Merrifield
Total Resource Campaign Liason: Bailey Calton
Changing the Odds: Julie McDermott, Michele Curry
Leadership Development Roundtable: Janice Dawson-Threat & Sherry Major
Marketing and Communications: Cara Owings
Membership Development: Jennifer Schenck & Bailey Calton
Mentoring: Jessica Macy
Monthly Program: Jayme Dement & Jessie Kwatamdia
Special Events: Lindsey Boudinot & Liz Townsend Bird

Women’s Network thanks all previous and current Steering Committee members for their dedication to the organization!