Thirty-five amazing women; 35 years of connecting, empowering, and engaging. The Past-Presidents of Women’s Network is an inspiring list of leaders that have helped shape today’s organization and will continue to pave the way into our future. If you have not had the pleasure of knowing some of these fearless leaders, we’d like to introduce you to just a few and find out where they are now…

Leigh Kottwitz (Britt) – 2006-2007 President

Leigh continues to be involved with the community in her role as the Neighborhood Services Manager for the City of Columbia, as well as the Downtown Toastmasters Club, the Boone County Fair Junior Livestock Auction Treasurer, and President for the Columbia Kiwanis Club. “Women’s Network helped me gain confidence in my leadership skills and also a feeling of being connected to our business community,” she reflects. During her year as President of Women’s Network, she says she also learned the importance of setting goals, as well as having a vision and mission for the group. “Our job as leaders goes far beyond the position and we have to articulate and communicate the work of the team we are part of.”

Kate Boatright (Grant) – 2012-2013 President

Kate is quick to say that Women’s Network has changed her life. Over her 10+ years of involvement and leadership, she has seen both professional and personal benefit from the organization by meeting some of her closest friends, and saying she “can’t imagine being active in a Columbia business and not being a part of Women’s Network.” Today Kate finds herself very busy as the CFO and Columbia corporate office manager of Fresh Ideas, all while volunteering as a passionate board member and fundraiser for True North, Columbia’s local shelter and support organization for victims of domestic violence. Kate says “there is nothing more satisfying than training, encouraging and inspiring other women to see their own potential and find their own success,” a passion that also drove her involvement in Women’s Network.

Heather Hargrove – 2013-2014 President

Heather is now the Local Sales Manager at KRCG 13 and she credits her Women’s Network and Chamber involvement for landing the job, stating “my involvement placed me in the forefront to be noticed by the company.” She says Women’s Network is a powerful organization and taught her that anything can be accomplished when a group of individuals come together to support a common cause with a defined direction and purpose. She says her leadership here also opened the door to becoming Chair of the Chamber of Commerce the following year.

These are just a few of the women that who have dedicated their time, sweat, and tears into building Women’s Network into what it is today. Below is a complete list of our history of Presidents and we want to thank each and every one of them.

2014-2015 Heather Stewart
2013-2014 Heather Hargrove
2012-2013 Kate Grant
2011-2012 Jennifer Thoma
2010-2011 Kelley Marchbanks
2009-2010 Renae Nicholes
2008-2009 Sherry Waddill
2007-2008 Anne Farrow
2006-2007 Leigh Britt
2005-2006 Michelle Hill-Ismael
2004-2005 Barbie Weaver
2003-2004 Robin Nichols
2002-2003 Sue Rodgers
2001-2002 Kim Stonecipher-Fisher
2000-2001 Sharon Kinden
1999-2000 Debbie Rawlings
1998-1999 Mary C. Becker
1997-1998 Pat Hostetler
1996-1997 Susan Yesilada
1995-1996 Karen Taylor
1994-1995 Dr. Muriel Battle
1993-1994 Sabrina McDonell
1992-1993 Ellen S. Roper
1991-1992 Linda Arnold
1990-1991 Betty Schuster
1989-1990 Barb Scotten
1988-1989 Debbie Snellen
1987-1988 Chris Marks
1986-1987 Janice Schuerman
1985-1986 Sue Ann Schaefer
1984-1985 Mariel Liggett
1983-1984 Vicki Dunscombe
1982-1983 Jan Grossman
1981-1982 Mellany Jones
1980-1981 Toni Somers